My name is S+anni Segu//, & I-m an ama+eur his+ory buff. I made +his b/og 2 +a/k abou+ some of my favori+e =con+rover+ia/= his+orica/ pieces. I +a/k a /o+ about +he SANGUINE REV9LUTI9N, but not e*ac+/y in a way any1 in +he church wou/d approve of. If you don-+ wan+ 2 read my s+uff, +hen b/ock +he +ag =superiorconductor=. +hanks!

((This is a blog associated with the Homestuck fan adventure "Be the Sea Dweller Lowblood," an AU in which the Sufferer fought to reverse rather than abolish the hemospectrum, and won. It consists of historical materials--some more accurate, some less--that were left out of the in-universe religious canon on the Sufferer and his revolution.))

November 11th

DoctorSmashem, believe it or not, it sounds like you-re talking about the Dolorosa folktale, so I just combined these 2 questions together. =)

Probably almost all of you reading know about Dolorosa as the supposed =1st rainbow drinker,= but I-m going 2 talk about her early historical context be4 I get 2 that.

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